Hello Clients!  Welcome to the World of mineral resource modelling and geostatistics! In spite of what you may think, resource estimation is not completely divorced from the early stage exploration process.  The orientation and the spacing of the drillholes is important to properly inform the modelling process. Histogram modelling at the early stage of exploration depends upon modelling a reliable variogram.  This is the mathematical function calculated from the data that allows us to model it effectively. It is a stochastic function. It has a random part called the nugget effect and a relationship part called the sill.  Modelling the data is vitally important for effective strategic decision making, to determine as to whether a mineral deposit can meet the client’s requirements of grade, tonnages and metal content.  However, it is only possible to calculate a reliable variogram with closely spaced drilling.  This is information is not available at the early exploration stage.  However, there are ways of resolving this issue.  Thus it is important for any informed exploration geologist to consult with Beckman, Brown and Associates to avoid poorly informed strategic decision making.

Additionally, the resource geologist is not divorced from the mining engineer.  He/she has to output a resource model that is in harmony with the way the deposit is mined.  A resource geologist cannot work “in splendid isolation” from the mining engineer. There needs to be two way communication between mining and geology for best results.

The seasoned resource geologist has to take into account a plethora other issues where there are risks such as in surveying, geotechnical, geohydrology, geometallurgy, legal, country risk, security and medical risks.  The Fraser Institute publishes and annual report on country and legal risks based upon the consensus opinion leaders within the mining industry.

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