Here are some premier links to some centres of geostatistical and ML/AI excellence and to marketers of premier software packages:


The resource estimation process in now available in Python code.

AI tools are used to log core and process complex data types.

All geostatistical programs are also available in Python code.

Generative AI is superb at writing computer programming code.

ML is a tool for processing data for brownfields prospectivity.

AI is an excellent tool for translating languages.

PARIS TECH (Fontainebleau, France)

Centre for Computational Geostatistics, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Geovariances, marketers of Isatis, Isatis.Neo and Minestis

Seequent, marketers of Leapfrog Geo, and EDGE

Datamine Software, Marketers of Datamine Studio RM.

Dassault Systemes, Marketers of Surpac and GEMCOM Software through Geovia.

Minesight, Marketers of Minesight Software

Maptek, marketers of Vulcan Software

MIT – Data Analytics

Discover Python for Geologists



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