Services – Geostatistics/Risk Identification

Geostatistics is a very important science in itself to consider when strategic decision making is to take place from the early exploration stage through to the bankable feasibility stage. It allows for the quantification of uncertainty and this in turn can save money. Geostatistics was born out of necessity in the mining industry as a tool to manage risk and allow for informed mine planning.

Here is a non exhaustive list of services provided:

  • Mentoring and teaching services of site personnel globally.
  • Strategic decision making at the early stage of exploration (Histogram modelling).
  • Optimization of drill-hole spacing for resource estimation (Extension variance method/Simulations). 
  • Development of an understanding of the style of mineralisation.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis.
  • Variography of continuous and categorical variables.
  • Full suite of classical resource estimation methods (NN, ID2).
  • Global Change of Support check.
  • Linear geostatistical methods (OK, SK).
  • Non-linear estimation methods (MIK, LUC).
  • Simulation methodologies (Conditional Simulation).
  • Simulation reduction exercise (for identification of risk in open pit optimisation).
  • Specialist use of Isatis / Isatis.neo premium geostatistical software
  • Block model validation.
  • Resource classification using best practices.


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