Other Services

Other services include:

  • Reconciliation Studies
  • Third party high level reviews of third party resource estimates
  • Report writing as per NI 43-101 requirements and the NI 43-101F1  companion form.
  • Mentoring resource geologists in best practices in modelling and geostatistics.
  • Lecturing resource geologists in resource estimation.
  • Giving leadership to resource geologists and outlining developmental programs for them.
  • Giving direction to geologists in the ML/AI revolution. Links to MIT and French schools of excellence.
  • Lecturing at conferences.

The QP/CP has to weigh up his/her experience to make a reasonable judgement of the estimate. There may also be legal, economic, geotechnical and metallurgical reasons as to why an estimate cannot be treated as a resource.

The drilling or sampling density must be sufficient to support measured, indicated and inferred resources. Resources should exhibit a “reasonable expectation of being of sufficient quality and quantity to be economically and legally extracted”.  Normally this means that measured and indicated resources should fall within an optimized pit or underground mine design based upon reasonable economic, technical and legal criteria. 

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